Cravings: Essential Oils Can Help by Karen Kinch

I have a little Monster, another Being, inside of me that has an uncontrollable, insatiable desire for chocolate. If this is true, then it’s not my fault when I binge-eat, right?…

I’ve been battling this problem and hiding my binge-eating for years. I am getting support though (and it’s not from Chocoholics Anonymous)…

Therapeutic grade essential oils offer support to our body’s systems – which is important because nothing is able to heal your body better than the body itself! Essential oils have the ability to initiate both physical and emotional responses. They aren’t band-aids dulling symptoms. They aren’t magical. To help with cravings, they work in conjunction with a particular mindset.

If you binge-eat, if you overeat, or crave sugar/junk food, learn how to support your efforts to overcome these habits. Join me TUESDAY JAN 12 , 7:30pm at Oma and let’s talk about how Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils can assist you on this important journey.

We’ll also discuss how to:

  • Boost metabolism and curb appetite naturally
  • Support your emotional health and mindset
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

REGISTER HERE today! I can’t wait to meet you! – Karen

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