June 2018

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  • OMA Yoga with Dr. Adrienne
  • Riverdale Yoga Babies
  • OMA Yoga with Dr. Adrienne
  • Riverdale Yoga Babies
  • OMA Yoga with Dr. Adrienne
  • Riverdale Yoga Babies
  • Feeding your Baby
  • OMA Yoga with Dr. Adrienne
  • Riverdale Yoga Babies

Riverdale Yoga Babies

Join us for some yoga, mostly for parents but we save the last part of the class for the babies! Riverdale Yoga Babies is a fun group that has been running consecutively since 2006. You can expect a personalized class, with lively discussion, free from attitude and lots of laughter!

We have had babies as early as 2 weeks up to walking. The class runs in 6 week sessions with drop-ins available. No prior experience of yoga is necessary; the intent is to reconnect to your body through yoga, teach your baby yoga early, as well as, connect to our fabulous group of new parents.

Instructor: Adrienne McRuvie, yoga teacher, family chiropractor and doula.
Cost: $85+hst for 6 week session ($18+hst for drop-in).

Riverdale Yoga Babies

Oma Yoga

Oma Yoga is a therapeutic class that incorporates self care tools, exploration, education and hands on attention. During the 6 week session, each class will focus on common areas of tension in the body or common minor injuries with the perfect balance of activation and release. The class is open to any level with a maximum of 9 participants to ensure focused attention.

The class is taught by Dr. Adrienne, one of the chiropractors at Oma. Being a yoga teacher was the reason that Dr. Adrienne became a chiropractor for its inherent transformative powers and self reflective tools. Dr. Adrienne studied yoga in India in 1999 and has been exploring its therapeutic benefits professionally and personally ever since.

$90 for 6 week session
$18 drop-in (if available)

Oma Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga Workshops

We believe yoga can be an enjoyable and accessible experience for everyone. Our approach to the physical practice of yoga is less about placing unrealistic demands on your body, and more about connecting to our body in a mindful way. We have experienced first hand the benefits of yoga in our day to day lives. Whether it is to create a more flexible and injury free body, or a less stressed, quieter mind, we know yoga can be a practice that enhances your life.

Oma offers monthly therapeutic yoga workshops addressing different topics or focused areas of the body such as Yoga for Tired Feet, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for Mothers that do too much!

Please check our online workshop schedule or sign up for our newsletter to be informed of the latest workshops being held. Our workshop class size is always small (10 max) allowing a lot of personal attention and connection.

yoga therapeutic

Mobility Workshops

The intention of mobility workshops is to enhance muscle relaxation and increase much needed blood flow in areas of our body that may be experiencing tension, pain & mobility issues. We hold these workshops throughout the year to give you insight on how to effectively (and safely) use self care tools such as the Tune Up Balls, Acuballs and foam roller to enhance treatments and your own self-care at home.

OMA Mobility Workshops

Prenatal Education

Bloom prenatal classes are taught by trained midwife, Kama Lee Jackson.  The classes cover how to cope through contractions, the birth partner’s role, the role of interventions, place of birth, the postpartum period, and more. All classes are guided by the following philosophies:     Informed choice for your healthcare, honouring each unique experience, a holistic approach to your wellbeing, birth partner inclusivity and being prepared to go with the flow – each birth is unique and unpredictable!