Mobility Workshops

Acuball workshops Riverside Toronto

Acuball Workshops

Dr. Cohen’s Acuballs are a product that we have been recommending and carrying in our Oma Store for years! The Acuball is designed to encourage muscle relaxation and let the blood flow in areas of our body that may be experiencing tension, pain & mobility issues. We love it as an easy to use self care tool. We understand that you may not know how to really use this blue nubby ball to it’s full potential so we hold a complimentary Acuball Workshop bi-monthly to give you insight on how to effectively (and safely) use the Acuball to enhance treatments and your own at home self care.

Yoga Tune Up Balls Workshop

Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls are made of a high grip rubber with just the right amount of give. Through specially designed movements, the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls can penetrate deeply into muscle tissues offering release of the muscle and relief from associated discomfort. They can be used to help headaches, general stiffness, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tight hips, and much more. To ensure you are receive the most benefit from this Self Care tool we offer bi-monthly instructional workshops, suitable for all fitness levels, on how to use the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls. We want you to feel empowered and energized!

Refer to our online event calendar for future workshop dates.