Danette Steele – The Herbalist


For more than 25 years I have been studying and working with people and plants in the field of herbal medicine. I provide health and wellness consultations with clients and use preparations made from whole plants to promote health, wellness and vitality. My consulting practice is based in the east end of Toronto, Ontario and I also meet with clients when in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Outside of my clinical practice, I teach about sustainable, ethical and safe practices for using medicinal plants. My course offerings in herbal medicine include wild plant walks, herbal medicine workshops and intensive herbal training courses. I am always delighted to be invited to speak at public events about plant medicine. My work as an educator includes the development of curricula for herbal studies, I write articles related to plant medicine and I mentor and supervise herbal students through my affiliation with the International College of Herbal Medicine (ICOHM).