Doris and Her Year of Transformation

A year to transform my life!

Happy sunny, hot summer Oma peeps!

If you’re like me, everything is just better when it’s warm and sunny.  I love being active outdoors (especially on my road bike) and with the bounty of local fruit and veg it seems so much easier to eat local and healthy and naturally lighter with the heat.

This year, I have decided to go beyond my usual seasonal cleanses and signed myself up for a 28 day transformation challenge.  Having completed the challenge just recently and feeling the difference in how I feel and look (oh so many veggies and minimal “white” processed foods sure do help with that beautiful glow!), and let’s not forget the crazy fun and short HIIT workouts, I decided to take the plunge and sign on for the next year to really solidify a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Like all good things, this just feels like a natural progression.  One of the reasons I became an RMT was to improve my own health and wellbeing and I have made tremendous shifts, slowly over the years toward much more active, healthy living and I am grateful every day for deciding to prioritize my self care after years of bad habits and putting work ahead of all else, to the detriment of my own life and wellbeing.

This year I will really nail down clean, appropriate eating.  I am having loads of fun trying new healthy recipes and slowly learning how to deal with those inevitable social gatherings full of sweets and treats and of course all those “fun in the moment” beverages.  I am learning the difference between overtraining and healthy, effective workouts that leave me feeling great and less susceptible to injury.  I am learning to live with just a bit of coffee in the mornings and so much wonderful water to keep my cells so happy.  I am also learning to truly value the power of actively engaging in and making use of a like-minded support community (finally a wonderful reason to use Facebook for good!).

Most importantly, I am learning not to beat myself up when I do slip up!  I love that my support crew is so positive and forward focused that when someone does admit to debauchery over the weekend or whenever, they encourage us to just get back on it!  This is how lifestyle changes happen, slowly and consistently making better choices one day at a time.  And of course making use of all the other healthful resources we are so blessed to enjoy access to in this great city. Resources like Epsom salt baths (spa days!), beach time, and beautiful bike/walk/blade trails and of course to aid those really bad aches and pains or just to relax and enjoy life, regular massages, chiropractic care and acupuncture (those are my main go-to’s at any rate).

I look forward to sharing more of my yearlong transformation and of course encourage anyone interested in doing the same to just get on it!

Big love, Doris ☺





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