Joanna Harding-Duggan, ADHD/Life Coach

After working as a psychometrist for over 15 years, primarily with individuals who have sustained brain injury, I became a Professional Coach and am accredited with the International Coaching Federation (ACC). I have taken my interest in brain functioning and psychology, my experience as a parent, and my strong belief in the need to support the mental health of our young people, into my practice as as ADHD/Life coach. I work with individuals assisting them with personal growth and development in establishing both career and life goals.

I currently offer one on one private coaching with individuals age 17+ who are experiencing executive function difficulties. I offer a non-judgmental process whereby I help my clients delineate goals and achieve success through the process of coaching. As such, I promote awareness and choice which leads to empowerment and independence.

I also facilitate an ADHD support group, provide workshops, and now offer coaching to parents of children diagnosed with ADHD.