Introducing a New Baby To the Family

When it comes to introducing a sibling, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The transition from one child to two (or two to three) is a big transition that affects all members of a family – but none more so than the little person about to become a brother or a sister.

Many (well-meaning) parents overlook this fact – after all, you understand that giving your child a brother or a sister is a wonderful gift in the long-term, and that your big kid isn’t being replaced.

But here’s the thing: they don’t know that. For a young child, the arrival of a new baby can feel like a complete upheaval of everything they’ve ever known, which can result in behavioural challenges, aggression, and even other ‘symptoms’ like toilet training regression.

Luckily, there are things you can do leading up to, and following, the arrival of a new sibling to ease the transition for your child – and peaceful parenting coach Sarah Rosensweet will be sharing them with us at a special workshop called Introducing a New Baby, taking place at Oma on November 2.

This workshop is geared towards parents expecting their second (or third, or fourth) child – and those who have recently welcomed a sibling to the family.

In this informal and interactive session, Sarah will give you strategies help your older child adjust to the new baby and lay the foundation for a great sibling relationship.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of your child’s feelings, strategies you can use to prepare your child for this transition, and practical tips for the early days and weeks that will prevent/minimize drama, and make the transition as easy as possible for everyone. Click here to register!

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