Kids Camping Essentials

Here is a quick list of kids camping essentials we have put together that parents should consider packing or sending along with their kiddies:


Essential Oils – Terra Shield Bug Spray

Terra shield for the bugs- you can rub everywhere, behind my ears, on my clothes. We also have a great spray bottle option that makes it much easier to apply and prevent all the bug bites.



Colibiri Bags

These are the PERFECT reusable snack bags but I pack my toiletries in them too.  They are attractive and functional!

Nuun Electrolytes and Water-bottle

Nuun’s help to keep you hydrated throughout the days and they taste amazing. Hydration is so key so making sure your child has their water-bottle with them is essential.

Mini Routine Deodorant

Lets admit it, sometimes our kids stink. After days in the woods – just a little pick me up of this amazing natural deodorant makes your kids (and everyone around them) feel slightly human again.  It is amazing, despite the camping stink, how effective it is!

Peppermint Headache Stick 

The perfect size travel roll on if headaches should arise.  Also a wonderful pick me up after a long day of paddling on all those pressure points.

What are your camping must-haves?


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