OMA’s Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts

There is nothing we love more than celebrating the mothers in our lives or the people who have been there for us along the way. Since this magical day is coming up, we have put together 5 AMAZING products from our OMA STORE that would be amazing gifts for mom!


1. Abby’s Bracelets

    1. – One of our favourite gifts of all time (we’re talking birthdays, holidays or just because…) are Abby’s Breathing Inspiration bracelets. They are ALL beautiful hand-made healing crystals and come attached with great intentions that make you feel good and special about each piece.

2. May You Know Joy Intention Cards and Journals

    1. – The May You Know Joy Intention Cards and Journals have become such a staple in our OMA STORE. They are an amazing way to cultivate mindful awareness in our everyday lives and something everyone (not just moms) should think to incorporate into our routines.

3. Diffuser with Essential Oils

    1. – Theres nothing better than walking into a room and smelling your fav scent. For us this of course if our handcrafted OMA blend (ArOMA- definitely ask Detta if this is something you want to know more about). We have a wide range of essential oils to choose from that any mom would love. As well, if you do not already have a diffuser we have some beautiful ones that come with an essential oil starter pack. Definitely a great gift for mom.

4. OMA Gift Card

    1. – HELLO Massage or Wellness appointment of your choosing- there really is not a greater gift than the gift of health. Gift cards are available anytime at our front desk and make for that perfect gift for mom.

5. Self-Care Necessities

    1. – We have really leaned in to all the different amazing self-care accessories out there. We are talking some seriously great bath salts, face masks and luxurious soaps and body products. If you are looking for those fun self-care accessories that allow mom to take some time for herself, then check out the OMA STORE.






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