Pre & Post Pregnancy

Pre and Post Natal

If you know anything about Oma we are known for treating pregnant women! At Oma we view the pre and post pregnancy time in a family’s life as a special transition not only biomechanically but emotionally.

Very quickly you come to realize how wonderfully resilient our bodies can be yet how quickly your body can change.

Whether it be pubic bone or sacroiliac dysfunction, low back pain or morning sickness, we can help you the immediate concerns that arise as well as offer a plan of care for the months ahead. We have the trust of midwifes, doulas and MD’s that refer to us for care. We have chiropractors that are not only trained in the Webster Technique but also through the  International Chiropractic Paediatric Association.  Adding the work of Spinning Babies is another layer of education to balance out the pelvis and provide ease during pregnancy and to help progress during labour.

Initial Visits for Chiropractic Care can only be booked over the phone- 416-469-0369