What is Prenatal Yoga All About?, by Amy Proszowski


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Prenatal yoga is a form of non-strenuous exercise that allows you to prepare physically and mentally for birth and beyond while maintaining a flexible, healthy body and disposition. It’s time to steer focus from the busyness of everyday life to a more mindful time. It’s time to stop, listen and connect to what your body is telling you!  Yoga during pregnancy is more soothing and relaxing. The focus is on alignment, tone and posture through non-strenuous and restorative postures. It can also give you some tools to have a more focused and empowered birth experience! 

Prenatal yoga encompasses:

  • strengthening: postures to maintain muscle tone as well as teach resistance and stamina in preparation for birth and postpartum
  • stretching: longer held postures that increase flexibility of major muscles as well as improve circulation and alignment
  • restorative: postures modified by supports allow the muscles that surround and sustain the skeleton to relax fully helping to reach deep mental relaxation and teaching you how to surrender in preparation for birth and postpartum
  • pranayama: breathing exercises to restore energy, clear the mind, elevate your mood, relax, nourish your growing baby and prepare for birth

Treat yoga practice as a metaphor for birth: to find a balance between focus, stamina and engagement while surrendering to the experience.

Amy is holding a Prenatal Yoga class at Oma! The 6 class series begins THURSDAY JUNE 16 at 7:30pm. (Drop-in’s available if there is space.) Full information and registration HERE

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