NEW YOU Program

How are you feeling? Like really feeling?

Most of us pour so much of ourselves into our lives and responsibilities that there’s little time or energy left for self-care.

If you want to get back on track, connect into a better you, or build some momentum towards a healthier and happier you, allow us to introduce you to the Oma New You Program, a six-week intensive program designed to nourish and reset those who feel chronically sore, tired, headachy, or otherwise not-great.

It includes chiropractic care, naturopathy, massage therapy and wellness coaching, and is fully customized for each participant based on their unique situation, challenges, goals, and barriers.

You can expect to finish this program feeling better (the definition of which will be different for everyone but may include less sore, more energetic, happier in your own skin, more centred, and/or more grounded). You’ll also leave with a plan for how to care for yourself on an ongoing basis so you can continue to feel this way.

What’s included:
– Three one-on-one wellness coaching sessions:

  • One 60-minute intake session
  • One mid-point 30-minute check-in
  • One 45-minute wrap-up session

– Six (1x/week) chiropractic treatments
– Three one-hour massages
– Three naturopath appointments (a full initial session and two 30 minute check-ins)

WONDERING IF THIS PROGRAM IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Email us to set up your complimentary consultation