You know that at OMA we love treating mamas.  We believe that keeping moms well – physically and emotionally – helps keep families well.   We understand that pregnancy and early parenting can be a time of joy and excitement AND major identity, relationship, and hormonal change (amongst so many others).  Change can be hard, even when planned for or expected.  Many moms-to-be and moms don’t feel the way they’d like.  We’re here to help.

OMA’s social worker, Lindsay Witton, has 15-years experience supporting moms and families through the transition to parenthood.  Perinatal psychotherapy provides a safe and supportive space to explore and process these changes.  Psychotherapy can help women manage mood/anxiety symptoms, face difficult feelings, make sense of identity changes, mourn losses, and work through relationship challenges.  Topics of therapy are unique to each woman and family and are collaboratively identified as we explore what brings you to therapy.

Looking for psychotherapy support but not pregnant or postpartum?  That’s okay!  Lindsay works with individuals experiencing a range of difficulties at any life stage.

Curious to learn more?  Lindsay offers complimentary 30-minute phone consultations. Many extended health care providers cover a portion of social work services.  You will be issued a receipt to submit to your insurer.  Call OMA at 416-469-0369 to book your intake today.