The Importance of a Growth Mindset

The belief that you can learn more or become smarter if you work hard and persevere

Our Mindsets have a profound effect on many areas of our lives such as learning achievement, career success, skill acquisition and even personal relationships.

A Growth Mindset according to psychologist Carol Dweck, who developed this concept, is when people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work- brains and talent are just the starting point. This develops a love of learning and resilience that’s essential for great accomplishment.

Why is Growth Mindset so Important?

It has been proven that individuals with a growth mindset are more successful in their everyday lives.
You have a tendency to focus on the quality effort you put into a task and how you can succeed. When things don’t go your way (failure is always inevitable in life) you reflect on how you can improve for next time.
You understand that setbacks are just an opportunity to learn.

How to develop your Growth Mindset?

  • Constantly try your best and put effort into everything you do
  • Always keep learning
  • Ask for feedback
  • Persevere even through setbacks
  • Choose the difficult tasks, don’t take the easy road
  • Set high standards for yourself

Stay Tuned for our Blog Post listing some of our fav GROWTH MINDSET books!!

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