Virtual Visits and Insurance FAQ

For all of our chiropractic clients, we know many of you have your maintenance visits AT LEAST once a month and we are creeping up on the 6 week mark since we have been closed.  We know your body tension creep may also be omnipresent.

We also know you have questions about virtual visits..

What the heck are chiropractic virtual visits? 
Well here is the reframe; you get our brains, our presence, AND our caring being, you just don’t get our hands.   If this whole thing has affected you AT ALL emotionally, we can almost promise you it has had a physical toll on you as well.

What if I am not tech savvy and I don’t want to deal with technology right now?
Honey…. if we can get two 85 year olds hooked up to Whats App and on Zoom family call for Easter dinner –  you can do this!!    The Jane program is very intuitive, we have had many clients comment on the ease of use – AND we have back up plans just in case.

Are virtual visits covered by insurance? 
The answer is yes, call your insurance to confirm, but currently most companies who have covered in house visits, have stepped up to the plate to cover virtual visits.

If you don’t touch me what will we be doing for 30 min?

  • We can review your currently strengthening and mobility sequence, tweak it or create one.
  • We can provide you with some good stress management hacks
  • We can review general supplementation and nutritional tips
  • We can give you access to our new program called Physitrack which will provide you with an assigned program with a library of exercise videos
  • If warranted we can use your partner as surrogate hands!!

Examples of virtual visits we have already had with clients have included:

  • Reviewing new ergonomic setups at home
  • Prepping your body for running (everybody wants to run)
  • Reviewing the best breastfeeding set up for new moms with some relieving stretches
  • Reviewing birth preparation positions
  • Preventatively providing a plan for chronic ailments (that are starting to rear their ugly head)
  • Connecting with some kids who are having a tough time and it seems to symptomatically coming out in their bodies
  • Connecting with new families….ahhh all the babies who are completely oblivious that they are being born into a pandemic.

We understand it is weird, we understand it is new.  AND we get to come into your home which gives us really more of an insight as to what is really happening at ground zero.

Anything else I need to know?
YES – you already need to have been a chiropractic client here previously in order for us to see you virtually.    There is also a team of us at Oma (including Detta) that are here for 10 minutes Care Calls.   Just to say hi (no medical advice) just a little “how are you” and to provide resources where we can.

Also our online booking is currently turned off so if you do want to book in for a any visits send Oma an email at to book in.   Hopefully we see your face on a computer screen soon!

The Oma team


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