Wine & Wellness at Riverside’s Winefest

Nishta Saxena

Wine is an ancient drink. Some call it the “Nectar of the Gods”. But is it really the revitalizing remedy people have made it out to be? Does it really extend your life, or just make it more bearable?…

Everyday I get asked by my clients and patients, “Is wine actually good for your health?”, “How much is too much?” and “What do I do if I love wine but I want to be healthy?!”.

I will shed some light on these questions and more during our fun Riverside Winefest Evening at Oma! Join us for some delicious local wine and snacks, as well as an enlightening look at how wine can compliment wellness, instead of work against it. Learn how to best enjoy wine and with what pairings, and explore if there are ways to enhance the potential health benefit of wine. There are MANY misconceptions and assumptions about wine out there! Come enjoy some local wine while we go about debunking some of these long-held beliefs and myths. Wine and wellness can be a perfect pairing… Find out how!

-Nishta Saxena, Registered Dietician & Nutritionist

Wine & Wellness at Oma, part of Riverside’s Winefest! Tuesday March 29 at 7:30 For more info & to RSVP click here!

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